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LEED for Homes Provider HERS Provider Multi-Family and Single Family Energy Audits Engineering Design and Consulting (MEP-FP) MaGrann Associates provides consulting and engineering services to residential homebuilders and developers seeking LEED for Homes , ENERGY STAR,NAHB nd EPA IAP programs. As one of 12 pilot program providers selected nationally by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), MaGrann Associates is ready to support your LEED for Homes project from conception to certification. MaGrann will help you understand and evaluate design and cost options specific to your project for each of the various levels of certification. LEED for Homes can fit your objectives for performance and differentiation in a rapidly greening market. MaGrann Associates views the whole house as a system ' including the building envelope, mechanical systems, water and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Sustainable design should reflect equipment, materials, technologies, installation and construction practices that work together to deliver optimal performance for you and your home's occupants for years to come. MaGrann's design and consulting services will pull it all together for you.


MaGrann Associates has currently certified nearly 2,000 homes under the LEED for Homes rating system and Pilot since the program's start in 1996. MaGrann has been actively involved in green building since its inception in 1982 and currently administers the NJ Clean Energy Program as well as certifying over 50,000 Energy Star omes during its 30-year history. MaGrann Associates is an industry leader. It helps residential builders incorporate green and sustainable design principles throughout every stage of their Single Family, Multi-Family or Mixed Use construction process ' from design and planning to implementation, testing, certification and marketing.


Jon Jensen (Technical Consultant): LEED Homes, LEED culty, Green Rater & QAD,NAHB een Verifier, HERS Rater, BPI Multi-Family Building Analyst Green Raters: George Rubino, Joe Andracchio, Dave Connelly, John Ternes, Rich Martin, Rhett Major NAHB reen Verifiers: John Ternes, Rich Martin, Jon Jensen HERS Raters: Jon Castle, Joe Andracchio, Steve Clark, Kevin Felt, Jon Jensen, Rhett Major, Brian Stanfill, John Ternes, Paul Woitko, Jon Jensen HERS Field Inspectors: Dave Connelly, Rich Martin BPI Building Analyst: John Ternes, Rich Martin, Anthony Medley BPI Multi-Family Building Analyst: Paul Woitko, Steve Clark, Colin Milner, Brian Stanfill, Jon Jensen Engineers: Douglas McCleery (PE-Mechanical), Emma Raymont (PE-Architectural), John Colarelli (PE-Electrical)