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InsulStone is an insulated stone and siding (I-CAP) company manufacturer with R-values up to R-18. Our products reduce energy usage for decades to come and is a practical us for EPS materials with 50-100 year fascia. We offer a built-in rainscreen to prevent mold and mildew in walls, are economical and very easy to install.


Les Cullen, CEO of InsulStone/ I-CAP was awarded the ITC Innovator of the Year award and has several patents. He has taken over 150 products through UL, ICBO, ICC & EPA certification processes. InsulStone/ I-CAP have been manufacturing product for 9 years and selling in the West, Midwest, Western Canada and even some on the East Coast. The products are field proven and customer accepted as a premium product that looks beautiful, sustains its beauty and performs its energy saving characteristics exceptionally well. It is so easy to install, many homeowners have installed itself and saved considerable amounts.


Our team has an average experience of 30+ years in the construction industry in energy, homebuilding, manufacturing, sales and installation. Advisory boards include EPA, ICBO, local and state committees on environment and safety. Our broad experience and knowledge in engineering and design help us in our Green Building efforts