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Complete architectural and interior design services. Combining a warm contemporary esthetic with 'green' concepts and materials, we see sustainable design as an inseparable part of good design. Green aspects'our individual health and the health of the planet'done well, do not compromise design but strengthen it. In a typical project of ours, many of the green aspects may be esthetically invisible'non-toxic finishes, high efficiency mechanical systems'and the client may not even be aware of them. At other points, we incorporate eco-materials more visibly, with inventive applications that complement or augment the design.


Please see the description below in "Other" to get an idea of how we work. Our projects range from home and apartment renovations to commercial interiors and new residential construction.


David Bergman is a LEED Accredited Professional, a practicing architect for 30 years, author of "Sustainable Design: A Critical Guide" and the blog EcoOptimism.com. He also teaches sustainable design at Parsons the New School for Design.