C.A.R.E. (Certified Auditors, Raters, Energy Professionals)

C.A.R.E. (Certified Auditors, Raters, Energy Professionals)

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HERS Ratings and consultation services.


Southern California Community College District audit for a project house built by students that included suggestions for improvements in design and construction techniques for better energy savings for future projects.


HERS Certifications. Building Auditor Certification. EPA Indoor AirPlus Partner Verifier. Certified EPA Universal Technician. Certified BPI: o Building Analyst o Envelope Specialist Certified CalCerts Provider: o New Construction o Non Residential o Alterations o HERS FV/DT Rater o Refrigerant Charge and Airflow Certified CBPCA Provider: o FV/DT Rater o HPwES (Level I o HPwES Field (Level II) o HPwES Field (Level III) o HPwES Field (Level IV)