Rentcafe shares its top U.S. states for sustainable living

As a person who cares about sustainable choices, how do you find out which are the best states to live in? For Rentcafe, which recently shared an infographic of its "Top States for Sustainable Living in the U.S.," it means assembling data on where people have more options to live and work in green buildings and to commute using green transportation.

Taking into account the number of LEED-certified buildings and green transportation options relative to the total population, Rentcafe put together its Top 10 list by generating numeric scores for each U.S. state.

Coming in at number one was LEED Platinum city Washington, D.C., boasting around 150 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and more than 3,000 LEED-certified buildings. Plus, an average District resident takes 50 trips a year using green public transit options, according to the study.

To get more micro, assessing by population means that in D.C., there are approximately 200 people per LEED-certified commercial building, 4,900 people per EV charging station, and 200 people per shared bicycle.

Take a look at the infographic to see if your state ranks:

Rentcafe Top States for Green Alternatives to Living, Working, and Commuting

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