Project Learning Tree games teach about trees and energy savings

The trees in your yard provide both natural beauty and comfort-giving shade, but did you know that they can also cut down on your utility bill?

Project Learning Tree offers a game using an online tool by the U.S. Forest Service to help you figure out where to plant trees for maximum energy savings. Project Learning Tree, by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, uses our trees and forests to educate young people about the environment and how they can help conserve it.

Among the project's many activities for families is the game "Reduce Your Utility Costs with i-Tree." Strategic planting can help reduce both heating and cooling costs for your home, so gather your kids for a fun activity with potential real-world effects. Sketch your home's footprint, experiment virtually with different types of trees, and select where you'd plant them, to get a calculation of future savings.

Project Learning Tree also offers other activities and tips designed to help you practice sustainability in the home:

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