Planning for the life cycle of your home appliances

When you own a home, unexpected repairs and replacements are a fact of life—but by knowing the average life span of your home's major systems, you can better plan ahead. Plus, if you're considering buying a new house, it's good to know what you're getting into regarding the age of its appliances.

As someone who cares about sustainability, you also know that being able to plan for maintenance or replacement can help you save money in the long run, as well as help you make smart choices that reduce waste of the Earth's resources.

To promote sustainable choices, the Minnesota Homeownership Center recently shared a handy infographic on home appliance life spans. This illustration breaks down the average life span of different elements of your home, from the roof to the stove to the windows, as well as the average cost of replacing them.

The Minnesota Homeowners Center infographic on life spans of home appliances

Graphic courtesy of the Minnesota Homeownership Center.

The Minnesota Homeownership Center's mission includes driving increased equity and opportunity in homeownership. At USGBC, we too believe that all people, everywhere, deserve a Living Standard of wellness, prosperity and better quality of life. Affordable housing, sustainable choices, and equitable, healthy communities will lead to a better world.

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