New LEED Green Rater training and workshop available

The demand is increasing worldwide for qualified LEED Green Raters, who are responsible for conducting on-site verification and assembling documentation for submission to GBCI for all LEED residential rating system.

To support the growth of this group, we are excited to introduce new updates to the training and application process and look forward to working with those in the existing network to grow the pool of eligible LEED Green Raters and the use of LEED.

New training

The updated LEED Green Rater training has been simplified to a pre-training module followed by a 1.5-day, instructor-led workshop that can be delivered either online or in-person.

Join the first LEED Green Rater Workshop (Delivered online, via WebEx)

March 25–27, 2020 | 10 a.m.–2 p.m. ET each day

Cost: $650

Register for the workshop.

The onboarding process to become an approved LEED Green Rater has also been streamlined to a two-step process that places an emphasis on individual accountability and performance.

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