Join the world in taking steps to green your home

This article is based on content from the page World Green Building Week, by the World Green Building Council, and is shared with permission. Read the original webpage.

World Green Building Week, taking place September 24–30, is an annual event that motivates and empowers us all to deliver greener buildings. In 2018, we want everyone, everywhere to commit to making a change in the homes they build, lease or live in. Each of us can do something to make our home a greener, healthier and more energy-efficient place.

Buildings, including the homes we live in, account for around 40 percent of global energy consumption—over a third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Making a greener world starts at home, and it doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

The average global electricity consumption per household equals 2.6 metric tons of C02, or 6,384 miles driven by an average car. If we all reduced our consumption by 20 percent, that would deliver savings of just over half a metric ton of CO2 per household, or 1,277 miles of driving. Check out this handy calculator to work out your own carbon footprint.

We can’t change the world overnight, but we can all do our bit, however small you start. Looking for more information on how you can make your home greener and how having a more energy-efficient home can save you money as well? Visit the World Green Building Week website for data and resources.

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