Green Home Guide roundup: Net zero tips and reducing food and water waste

On Fridays, USGBC shares green home-related content curated from around the web. If you see a great article on aspects of environmentally friendly home living such as green building, renovation, energy use or cleaning, please send it our way.

  • In "Getting Down to Zero," Your Home Source counts down seven ways, from a south-oriented site to smart appliances, to build or retrofit a home to net zero energy standards.
  • Reducing food waste does as much for the world as it does for your monthly budget. Read these tips from the U.S. EPA on "Reducing Wasted Food at Home," including menu planning, storage and portion sizes.

  • Speaking of reducing waste, water consumption is an area that can easily get away from a homeowner. Check out 10 ideas for conserving water in your home from the Eartheasy blog.

Look at ways to reduce your kitchen water use