Green Home Guide roundup: Home energy efficiency

On Fridays, USGBC shares green home-related content curated from around the web. If you see a great article on aspects of environmentally friendly home living such as green building, renovation, energy use or cleaning, please send it our way.

This week, we've got a roundup of some of the best sources for home energy info.

  • In today's tech-centric world, you can find plenty of mobile apps related to energy savings. Check out the Eartheasy blog's rundown of some of the popular green apps you can download to help you track your energy consumption.
  • With "100 Ways to Save Energy at Home," Duke Energy provides tips sortable by category: cooling and heating, lighting, appliances, electronics and other aspects of household energy use. 

  • The Department of Energy's infographic on appliance standards offers some striking stats on how much you can cut CO2 emissions—and household bills—by using energy-efficient appliances. Take a look below, and then go on to learn more about DOE's standards program.

Infographic courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy.