“Built for Health” demonstrates why good health starts at home

The decisions we make about the design, construction and maintenance of our homes can dramatically impact our well-being. Residential spaces can influence everything from our mental state to our respiratory wellness and can either support or detract from our overall health. By designing homes with health in mind, we can prevent common illnesses and improve community and public health over time.

This episode of “Built for Health” examines health at home with Richard J. Jackson, professor at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, and Rachel Cluett, manager of the healthy housing rewards program with Fannie Mae. In this moderated conversation with host Flavia Grey, the two discuss areas of focus such as thermal comfort, ventilation and humidity control, offering solutions to common health challenges in residential environments.

With tips for building professionals, medical practitioners and homeowners alike, this episode provides a holistic overview of the case for factoring health into the development of sustainable housing.

If you're headed to Greenbuild Atlanta, you might be interested to know that Cluett is also one of the presenters at an affordable housing session. Alison Mears, who will be the guest on the sixth episode of "Built for Health," is one of the presenters at a session on circularity.

This episode of "Built for Health" is eligible for .5 CE hours on the Education @USGBC platform. Listen to the episode and take the quiz.

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Season two of Built for Health is made possible by Kaiser Permanente. Together We Thrive.

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