Worth adding foam if I'm replacing cladding?


Worth adding foam if I'm replacing cladding?

Asked by Alan

We have 1971 home zone 7/8. We will be replacing the cement board siding and adding a story. The walls are 4". Is it worthwhile to add exterior foam sheathing while we are at it?

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Sean Lintow Sr's picture

In short, yes it is unless you are talking about that fanfold stuff. For best results you should consider two layers with offset seams as all materials do expand & contract. Not only will this decrease your heating & cooling loads but also help reduce air leakage & noise transmittance (if done properly). One other item to consider is utilizing rain screen technology where you leave a gap between the foam & siding allowing things to dry out For more on this - http://thehtrc.com/2013/common-sense-weather-resistive-barrier