what size heat pump for a 15x15 sunroom?


what size heat pump for a 15x15 sunroom?

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Heat Pump size for 15x15 sunroom

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Sounds like a simple question! However not so simple answer I'm afraid - If you want it done right and sized right for cooling and heating season a couple of things should be considered. However the way I was taught was to use a program called Manual J-8 or Wrightsoft. Unfortunately in the industry will take a simple guess and say 500'-700' to the ton and add 15% for humid climates; however this is not the best method and could lead to mold problems or a system too small or too big which could play havoc on your energy bill.. This is what we need to know: 1. How many windows, size and what are the windows rating NFRC?, example: http://www.nfrc.org/WindowRatings/ 2. What type of insulation and R-value is built into the structure?, example: https://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=home_sealing.hm_improvement_inspe... 3. What is the orientation and height of the ceilings or volume? 4. And my favorite how much does it space leak to the outdoors when all the windows and doors are closed? Blower door test using a certified RESNET or BP rater can help you with the correcting sizing and give many options to improve the space on energy efficiency. $ If budget is an issues please use this A/C comparison link below which may help you on your purchase. http://hvacopcost.com/ I bet it's a very nice Sunroom! Good luck! I also recommend consider mini-duct-less split as an option for an energy efficient A/C system. Regards, Scott