Insulating an existing frame built house.


Insulating an existing frame built house.

Asked by Jewell

I am considering insulating my house with the spray insulation, or the foam insulation. And a friend of mine told me that would not be a safe way to insulate my house. I know my house needs insulation because it is almost as cold as outside. Can you recommend a safe way to insulate an existing frame built house.

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Spray foam can be installed safely & is a great product if installed properly & ventilated well not only during the spraying but afterwards until it fully cures. With that unless you are opening up all the walls from the exterior or interior you are better finding another option. Fillable foam - the verdict is still out on due to longevity issues and material used. One popular one is drilling holes & dense-packing in cellulose - though if you have knob & tube wiring, any flashing or other water type issues you would need to address them first. My recommendation is find a great energy auditor in your area that knows their stuff & can really guide you on the best options based on your wants, budget, etc... (i.e. if they say they would never recommend a certain type of insulation ever (foam, FG, cellulose) - they don't know their stuff.