I am having trouble selecting good windows for a south-facing waterfront home in Long Island, NY.


I am having trouble selecting good windows for a south-facing waterfront home in Long Island, NY.

Asked by Jill Kornman

I am in a hurricane zone, although we haven't had a serious storm for many years. My home is designed for passive and active solar, with PVs to be installed on the roof. I am considering installing storm-force windows for only the south-facing side of the house, and I'm concerned about selecting the best brand of windows. All my choices are double-paned, argon-filled low-E glass; however, they differ in finishes. The question is how do I choose the best product for this environment. It can be quite harsh here in all seasons, with salt and high wind impacting my home. Can you help guide me towards the best finish? PVC or aluminum? Andersen or Loewen or some other brand?

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Passive and active solar along the waterfront makes this sound like a very interesting project! You're moving in the right direction trying to balance energy efficiency with durability given the proximity to the water and potential for a storm.

Given the harsh seasonal conditions and the salt from the ocean I would recommend a vinyl window for this application. I think you will find that here in the U.S. vinyl windows will be at the top most energy efficiency charts when compared to aluminum and wood frames.

To strike the balance of durability and performance, I would recommend three manufacturers with two specific products.

  1. Simonton Stormbreaker vinyl windows (more info here)
  2. Harvey Vigilance vinyl windows (more info here)
  3. Serious Materials (more info here)

I would recommend starting at their respective websites and contacting a sales associate or work with your contractor who may have relationships already to get pricing, product information and comparison factors to help you make the best decision.

Good luck on your project!

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