Would a Certainteed Solaris Plus shingle or metal roof be better for my 1904 Arts and Crafts cottage?


Would a Certainteed Solaris Plus shingle or metal roof be better for my 1904 Arts and Crafts cottage?

Asked by Julia Westbrook

Cost is a factor. If metal, how should it be insulated? If metal, should the existing asbestos shingles be removed or could the metal be applied on top of them? What kind of metal?

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Forget about roofing being simple! Your situation here is pretty complex and my hope is to answer a few questions and perhaps prioritize the questions in a manner that can help you get started on this project.

The first question I would want answered is if the home is located in a historically protectedareaof your municipality. I assume the answer is no; however, it doesn't hurt to inquire to ensure your project doesn't go over budget in legal fees once completed.

Removing the asbestos shingles

The next priority to sorting out your roofing dilemma would be to find a company that can properly strip and dispose of your asbestos roof. The company will be able to discern the danger level with your particular roofing product and come up with a plan (and an estimate) to remove your roof safely.

Unfortunately, there are no viable circumstances where the current asbestos roof stays in place and another one is installed over it.

Metal roofing

I love metal roofing. Metal roofing typically has a significantly longer lifetime than most asphalt products and can assist in capturing rainwater cleanly. Having worked on projects all over the country I find the cost of metal roofing based wholly on the popularity of metal roofing in the region and the type of metal used. The more popular metal roofing is in an area the less it will cost.

  • It goes without saying that there are high end metal roofing materials such as copper that will price right out of your budget range.
  • Either way I believe that given your suggestion that cost is a factor: metal roofing will be priced out of consideration.

Don't let my prediction stop you from getting a quote. The regional aspect of metal roofing may surprise both of us.

Solaris shingles

I didn't answer this question simply as a metal versus asphalt shingle comparison primarily because of the great product you are considering for your project.

  • The Solaris shingles have an outstanding solar reflective index (SRI) that will slow heat from being absorbed into the structure of your home by reflecting a portion of the solar energy away from your roof.
  • Proper insulation is still a factor to keeping cool in the summer; however, these shingles are a step in the right direction towards a whole house energy savings plan.

If you do choose to go with the Certainteed product, have a look at their website for a certified installer for this product here. Most roofing shingles require proper installation to maintain the integrity of the warranty.

Which leads me to my final point: balance all of your quotes to the length of the manufacturers and installers warranty. The lowest bid more than likely comes with the shortest warranty. I recommend re-roofing with the median contractor/materials.

Good luck on your project!