Where can I apply as a volunteer to learn about Green Building?


Where can I apply as a volunteer to learn about Green Building?

Asked by Ricardo Carranza

Good morning, Im Ricardo Carranza, from Honduras. I would like to learn more about green building, and want to volunteer to learn this urgent construction practice, that it is not used in my homeland counrtry. Thanks in advance for your response, Regards, Ricardo Carranza

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Hi Ricardo,

A great way to learn would be to find a contractor who builds LEED homes or other buildings or an organizations (like a school) that is about to embark on the construction of a LEED building.

Then volunteer to be a LEED intern.

  • To get LEED certified through the USGBC, a project team needs to fill out a LOT of paper work and document many things throughout the long construction process. This is a time consuming job.
  • A lot of these groups don't have someone that can do that and would welcome your help...either as a paid or unpaid intern. (It is a TON of work- you should be paid!)
  • This is a great learning experience.

Though LEED is just one of the building rating systems, it is widely used and comprehensive. If a LEED building is being constructed someone has to do all of this paperwork and documentation. You will learn a wide variety of things that cover the entire building process. Also once you have worked on a LEED project you can get your LEED AP certification (you have to jump through a lot of other hoops to become LEED AP but this experience is required). LEED AP is a valuable credential.

We had two women volunteer their time in this way for the last LEED Home we built. They interned with the contractor for free. They looked at it as an education. They did not get paid but neither did they have to pay tuition. The contractor did not have to lose an employee to the time consuming task. The women learned a great deal. Everyone was happy. Good luck!