What material and where can we purchase it to insulate our walls?


What material and where can we purchase it to insulate our walls?

Asked by HelenAnne Leaming

The building is a shed that we are turning into an all weather work shed for sewing/painting/craft projects. We don't want to use fiberglass as I hate working with it. Thank you.

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There are several options available for wall insulation other than fiberglass.

  • Lowe's recently added denim blanket. Denim has similar thermal characteristics to fiberglass but is easier to work with and more environmentally friendly.
  • You might also consider using cellulose.

Most big box stores that sell cellulose will rent you a blower so it can be injected into the wall cavities (after the drywall is installed). A simple shed might not be too difficult to inject from the interior side. You'll have to drill holes in the drywall and patch when complete.

Cellulose manufactures have also introduced a blanket product. The material comes in 4 x 8 feet sheets either 1.5 or 2.5-inches thick. This material is often used in areas where it is going to be exposed because it gives continuous insulation and has a Class I fire rating.

You can also purchase consumer packs of two part, spray foam. Fomo is one brand available to the consumer on the Internet here.

  • Expect to pay $600 for 600 board feet of material.
  • This is a pricey material but it will outperform either denim or cellulose in stopping convection (air leaks) and it also is a moisture barrier.

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