What least toxic finishes do you recommend for flooring?


What least toxic finishes do you recommend for flooring?

Asked by Ali Lemaitre

Thanks - I read your opinion of finishes for wood countertops http://greenhomeguide.com/askapro/question/can-you-advise-on-an-environmental-choice-of-varnish-for-a-wooden-counter-top, but what about for floors? I assume we should avoid polyurethane, but I've also heard the argument that with a standard poly it will last quite a long time, whereas a waterbased finish might not last as long, so you'll likely have to reapply down the road. Our concerns are both environmental & healthwise since we have a baby that will be living in the space.

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I don't use ANY polyurethane products, Osmo, shellac or vegetable resin based only.

I have Osmo in my house, but use shellac more for clients since it is much cheaper.

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