What is the most energy-efficient roof for my two-story home in a northwest suburb of Austin?


What is the most energy-efficient roof for my two-story home in a northwest suburb of Austin?

Asked by Betty Saenz EcoBroker GREEN REALTOR

I have a hail damage claim and need to re-roof my two-story (non-green-built) home in Leander, Texas. I am in an HOA subdivision where everyone has composition roofs. White composition roofs streak after a while. I heard CertainTeed has some colored composition shingles that are still Energy Star rated. Looked into a screw-down silver metal roof, but it is about $3,000 more than composition and will require maintenance later in life. I heard radiant barriers really aren't the best route. I will probably add some ridge vents, etc. as well. Any ideas on how best to proceed for energy efficiency without way overspending for my neighborhood of around $200,000 homes?

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Storm damage, hail and wind damage are all-too-familiar problems associated with asphalt shingle roofs. In a state like Texas where temperatures are high, having an energy efficient roof can provide tremendous savings on your cooling costs. I know that you have already considered metal roofing, but if you're looking for a financially feasible and energy-efficient roofing solution, I recommend you give it a second look. Metal roofs can easily help you save over 30% on your cooling costs. And metal roofing provides great protection against hurricane winds and hail damage. Most modern metal roofing products have a wind uplift rating of at least 110 miles per hour, and a hail damage warranty. Yes, you may pay a little bit more upfront, but the benefits of having a metal roof far exceed the initial investment. A metal roof can last three times longer than an asphalt shingle roof. Factor in energy savings, raised value of your home, and peace of mind. Also, you can get up to $1,500 in governmental tax credits for the installation of an Energy Star rated metal roofing system for your home.