What is the best way to end basement flooding ?


What is the best way to end basement flooding ?

Asked by Linda

I have a modular on top of a block wall basement installed in an old creek bed area in the 1980's. With heavy rain it literally fills up to the windows with water. Drylok was brushed on inside on most of the lower wall area but it still takes on two feet of water with every heavy rain. Do I need to excavate all around the outside and install a waterproof membrane, especially near the footings ? I don't know if there is a perimeter drain and the builder and original owner have died and I'm low income.

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Well Linda I hate to be the bearer of bad news but all the membranes and paintin the world isn't going to solve the issue.

  • It might slow it down some,
  • but it won't solve it.

The biggest issue is you are sitting on a dry creekbed... and as you have found out - dry creek beds don't always stay dry.Even when one appears to barely have any runoff in it during a rain storm,water can still be flowing just under the surface.

The fix, assuming you are not affecting any wetlands or other areasregulated by the EPA, and moving the house or losing the basement is not anoption: you first need to find a way to divert the water around your house.

  • There are numerous methods and means but you need someone on site to tell youwhat would be best given the site conditions.
  • You also will need toexcavate around your house, install &/or fix the existing membrane and installa French drain (aka drainage tile) that drains to daylight.
  • When fillingeverything back in you will need to make sure you grade the land back outaway from your house by 1" for every foot (minimum 6').
  • Gutters should alsobe used with downspouts directing the water out away from the house.

On the interior, hopefully they installed a French drain inside thebasement and dump it into a sump pit to be pumped away.

  • If so, scoping the line andtaking care of any issues should be done.
  • If they didn't... hopefully theoutside changes will handle everything but you will still need at least onesump pump with a backup with both of them draining to daylight.

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