What do I do if I think my linoleum might have asbestos?


What do I do if I think my linoleum might have asbestos?

Asked by maureen gaines

Our house is vintage 1928 and has had some updates in the 1970's. we bought it last summer and want to update the kitchen and upstairs bath soon. the kitchen floor had new linoleum tiles put on top of old linoleum which sits on top of wood flooring (we can see by going into the basement and peering up underneath the kitchen area).

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Olga G. Alvarez, LEED-AP ID+C, EBOM's picture

First of all, don't try to do any type of removal, cutting, sanding or testing yourself.

  • Asbestos was utilized in many products in the past and it becomes a problem when dust particles become airborne.
  • It's best to hire a professional contractor that can handle asbestos abatement.

You can go to the EPA website here and get information on asbestos removal based on the Region that you live as well as information on hiring an asbestos abatement contractor.

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