What are 5 ways to save water around the house?


What are 5 ways to save water around the house?

Asked by Paul Hewson

Please give real reasons, not like taking sea showers or have a bucket collect the excess water while waiting for my shower to heat up. Practical things that I can do that will make an impact.

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Here are five steps that I'd recommend.

  1. Install an on demand circulation pump or put one on a timer. This will avoid having to bleed out the cold water in the line
  2. Replace fixtures with low flow faucets or shower heads. If replacing is not an option, low flow aerators can be purchased and installed on existing fixtures.
  3. Replace toilets with a low flow or even better a dual flush toilet. If replacement is not an option, reduce the amount of water in the tank the old fashioned way -- lay a brick or a plastic container in the tank to take up volume.
  4. Install rain barrels at your downspouts and use for watering plants and cleaning tools, cars, etc.
  5. Purchase a high efficiency washing machine.

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