We are renovating a home and want to have it LEED certified. How do we find a rater?


We are renovating a home and want to have it LEED certified. How do we find a rater?

Asked by Mark and JoAnn Nurmi

We are the GC and builder/carpenters and know much about green building practices and materials - used them before. We just want this one certified. Our last project apparently was certifiable but we were too busy with the work to get the certifications. We want to get them on this house. Our architect was not LEED certified. She was somewhat knowledgeable but we have a much more extensive understanding. Thanks. Time is of the essence. We just got ZBA approval and want to start soon.

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JoAnn and Mark,

The Green Rater locator is available here.

  • It looks like there are several raters and companies that serve Connecticut.
  • LEED for Homes has requirements starting early in the project cycle so you should discuss the project with a Green Rater as early as possible.

If you haven't already, you can also use the Green Scoring Tool to get an idea of the requirements and how your home might score. It's available at www.leedforhomes.org.

When contacting a rater they'll likely want to know the following information to put together a proposal:

  • Estimated total home square footage (including basement), and architectural plans if they're available
  • LEED Homes goals including certification level and sustainability goals
  • Number of mechanical systems
  • If you want any additional certifications such as ENERGY STAR for New Homes (version 3) or Indoor airPLUS
  • Project location
  • Construction schedule

Good luck with your project!