We are looking at carpet. I hear Smartstrand is a good choice. Would you concur?


We are looking at carpet. I hear Smartstrand is a good choice. Would you concur?

Asked by Nancy

We're very concerned about VOCs and can't afford wool. We also have pets and would like a durable carpet.

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Molly McCabe, AKBD, CGP, CAPS's picture

Dear Nancy,

There are several factors to consider when selecting environmentally friendly carpeting.

Manufacturing: Are the raw materials that go into the product environmentallybeneficial or at the very least neutral? Is production an energy intensiveendeavor?

  • SmartStrand is partially comprised of corn, a renewable resourcewhich ultimately reduces the product's reliance on petroleum based ingredients.
  • Mohawk, as a company, has demonstrated a commitment to reducing energyand water consumption in the production of its products which ultimately reducesthe products carbon footprint.

Durability: High durability means less frequent replacement and less fodder forthe landfills.

  • An internet search reveals that SmartStrand has a reputation forbeing durable.

Indoor Air Quality: Does the product off-gas toxic chemicals?

  • SmartStrand hasearned the Carpet & Rug Institutes third party Green Label Plus certification forlow emissions.

End of Life options: What are your disposal options at the end of the carpet's
useful life? There are currently very few recycling programs in the US for carpetbut this is changing . . . slowly.

  • Mohawk currently does not have a "take back"program.
  • Interface, makers of Flor carpet tiles, have a take back programwhereby consumers can return worn out carpet to the manufacturer for recycling.

The inability to recycle carpet is a primary factor why consumers often choose
another flooring material that either has a longer life expectancy or is recyclableat the end of its useful life.

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