Spray Foam Issue


Spray Foam Issue

Asked by Pierre

I recently hired a company to spray foam insulate an area of my house. There were some issues with the mixing of the chemicals noticed afterwards. The company is scheduled to return later this month to correct the situation. My concern is how they plan to correct it. The issue is: small areas of the foam separated from the joists. The gaps are minor. Wide enough for a few sheets of paper to slide down. Needless to say there is no longer an air seal in those areas. My question is, what would be the proper course of action? Do they merely spray the gaps? Or, should they cut out the areas all the way to the base and respray? In this case I am talking about the roof. My concern is that if they merely spray the gap, the room may be air sealed but the area between the roof/joist is not. Wouldn't air be able to seep into that area and now be trapped in that gap?

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It is hard to answer your question with out looking at the job. I would have another insulation specialist look at it before the repair is done. The gaps should be able to be sealed with closed cell spray foam and not have an issue. My bigger question is the ventilation for the roof. Where there baffles installed in order to properly vent the roof. There should be at least a 2 inch air gap on directly under the roof decking that allows air to flow from the overhangs and up to the peak and out the ridge vent.