Should the attic be vented or unvented in a new home with spray foam?


Should the attic be vented or unvented in a new home with spray foam?

Asked by Jevon

We're building a new home in Macon, GA ourselves (completly ouselves) 2700-2800 sq ft with a metal roof and osb borad underneath it, and i going to insulate the exterior walls with closed cell spray foam. i was wondering if i should do the same in the attic and would it be worth the money to use closed cell in the attic and roof line vs open cell. Should i use closed/open cell and do i spray the entire roof/attic?

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I think you'll find two distinct camps on the closed/open cell debate. I suspect you will be happy with either decision.

Do not ventilate the roof. Uncontrolled ventilation is to be avoided whenever possible, and since you are going with spray foam you can.A blower door test should also be performed before drywall to assist in finding leaks missed by the foam installers.

Design an Energy Recovery Ventilation system into your home. Ideally you'll continuously pull stale air out of your bathrooms and deliver fresh to bedrooms.

  • This is very very very important.
  • You need to design controlled ventilation for health, safety, comfort, efficiency and durability of this nice home.

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