Should I get a heat pump with or without a RCC?


Should I get a heat pump with or without a RCC?

Asked by peakproducts

I live in Memphis, TN. I have a two story, all electric condo, 2300sq ft and need to replace my central air unit. I like the heat pumps, but should i add a Reverse Cycle Chiller (RCC)? what are long term costs for them and are there maintenance issues?

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The best way to answer this is to meet with a qualified HVAC installer. Your outdoor design temperature is 18 degrees. This is well within the range of a stand air source heat pump.

To determine which is better, the HVAC contractor should first do a Manual J calculation to determine what size unit you need.

  • Your current unit is probably oversized by a ton or so.
  • This means you are wasting money and losing energy.

See the article here to see how to check the size of your current unit.

Once the Manual J is completed, the HVAC installer can do energy modeling for you, or recommend an energy rater who can do it.

  • The results of the energy model will predict the cost and savings between the heat pump and the RCC.
  • My guess is the you will get more benefit if you take the additional money that a RCC costs and put it toward sealing your duct work.

One last tip, see if your local electric utility has any incentive programs, they may pay for the energy modeling!