Roof venting in finished attic space?


Roof venting in finished attic space?

Asked by David Popoff

Green Build is advocating non vented insulated roof structures. Such as spray foam directly between the rafters with no soffit vent or ridge vents. My question is what about moisture entrapment? We use house wrap because it allows moisture escape, where tar paper seems not to. So with a normal architectural roof shingles how does the moisture escape so the plywood deck does not rot ?

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Gary Shlifer LEED AP+ H, LEED AP+ BD&C's picture

If you have moisture in your decking, you've got a leak. You've been advised correctly. Spray foam on the underside of your roof decking. The roof membrane and spray foam is the best way to seal your attic and increase energy efficiency. There is one more thing you should do. Bring one or more ducts (Depending on the size of the attic space.) of conditioned air into the attic space. You're not trying to heat/cool the space, just condition it. Helping to keep humidity at or below 60% humidity.