Please help! What is the safest flooring for our home with our six month old?


Please help! What is the safest flooring for our home with our six month old?

Asked by Lauren

We NEED to replace our carpet SOON.We want a healthy floor for him to crawl on. We have three dogs. We initially purchased wood laminate flooring but after seeing a disclaimer on the side of the box regarding formaldehyde I began to research. We don't have a ton of money to spend on flooring right now but we want to do the best we can. From the research I have done I have learned laminate is not a good choice because of formaldehyde, vinyl has been linked to autism, carpet does a lot of offgassing and aluminum oxide floors make me nervous due to some things I read about aluminum absorption and toxicity. From what we can tell hardwoods are the healthiest choice for us. We had to choose between unfinished and prefinished. We chose a natural prefinished wood with a polyurathane finish and no stain? Is this safe? Is the polyurethane safe? We didn't want to finish our own because of the increased amount of offgassing that would occur in the start? Have any experience with Buil

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You may want to consider natural stone flooring with natural mortar. Unsealed.

Plus, stone is very beautiful, and it will last so that you will never have to replace it again. Remember the pyramids LOL.

Hope this helps.

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