Phantom Powerloss question.


Phantom Powerloss question.

Asked by Linda Fielding

Each time someone asks about 'phantom power loss' it is said to turn off all appliances, etc. What about your satellite TV and the recording devices set up with them. Will they not record what you have scheduled if you power them off at the source?

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Sean Lintow Sr's picture

It depends - are you powering it off at the box or via a surge strip? If you power it off at the box it should turn back on or record in the "off" position, whereas at the strip it won't. The biggest catch is powering off at the box does very little to reduce usage though newer ES labeled ones are getting much better. Unfortunately there is very little that can be done about this at the moment so we have to deal with that waste. You may consider getting a smart strip, where you can turn off the surge strip which eliminates power going to all the devices but leaves one or two live to allow for recordings to happen assuming you have it plugged into it