Persistent odors ( off gassing?) after more than 10 weeks


Persistent odors ( off gassing?) after more than 10 weeks

Asked by Carmen Hall

We purchased a 1950s brick rambler which was previously occupied by a heavy smoker. The walls were repainted after, we were told, being treated with 4 applications of KILZ, the woodwork and stone fireplace were painted with a high gloss enamel and a polyurethane finish was applied to the floors after removing the carpets. It is at least 10 weeks since the above work was done. We are unable to occupy the house due to the odors which we have been told "seem like" polyurethane. We believe the house was not properly ventilated at the time of the painting and / or polyurethan application. We have been heating the house and venting it intermittently since 10/31. Two weeks ago we began to do so continuously.

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Carmen, I am sorry to say it can take alot longer. They claim that the offgassing of most products take about 7 years...the smell could go away well before that but will still remain to some extent. If you are willing to paint again...I would recommend using the AFM safe coat paints as a 2 coat top coat, this product has a molecular structure built in so that it can lock in the existing VOC's that are offgassing. What you described that you used seem to be some of the harsher products out there and there for will take longer to "air out"