Need help heating small apartment over a garage


Need help heating small apartment over a garage

Asked by Kathie Ellis

I have a small apartment over a 2 car garage. The living room has a cathedral ceiling. The air intake vent is on the top of the wall (measures 22x24 in.) and the air vents are on the ceiling. So the heated air gets sucked right back into the intake vent. Needless to say the living room never gets warm. That is also where the thermostat is located. So the heart is constantly running. When the system was first put in (25 years ago) the builder talked us into a heat pump.Not only did it not heat the apartment but the electric bill was astronomical. So after seeking advise from hvac professional we installed a propane furnace in the attic of the apartment. Again we are in the same situation no heat, high propane bill. After another heating professional came in to look at it he has suggested a propane fireplace that has a blower and to use our ceiling fan to keep the heat room level. I was considering a pellet wood stove as a solution. The kitchen, bedroom, and bath have 7 for ceili

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Sorry to say but the issue is probably not the furnace but rather the lack of insulation & air sealing. Get a qualified independent energy auditor out there to see what needs to be done before you buy another larger unit for the place. Make sure they also test the ducts as much of the heated air is probably going elsewhere which is not going to do anything for the units performance. This maybe mute if a new system is also in the works (see below) as they end up redoing how the ducts are run - it helps if all parties talk to find the best solution. Once the other items are taken care of you will probably need a smaller unit or they may have a way of tuning down the system. Make sure your HVAC company does a proper manual J, S, T, & D for any replacements