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Hi my name is Mauricio Barrera, I own a company called DIBAVELA.CO and we advise LEED projects in Colombia south America. We have help certified many LEED GOLD NC projects here. I now want to star a construction component to the company and start with single homes. There are no LEED Homes builders in the country and I would love to be the first one and certify the upcoming residential projects as LEED HOMES. What do I need to do in order to be able to certify a project that I am designing and wish to start construction on July and finish in december. please advise, thank you

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The LEED for Homes process is very specific and is different than any other LEED rating system. An independent LEED for Homes provider needs to be engaged and a separate testing company known as a Green Rater needs to be engaged. These two independent entities act as GBCI and Commissioning Authority on the project. The next thing that you need to complete is a durability plan. I have been involved with LEED for Homes since the program inception in 2008 and have done work in Latin America. If you need a consultant to help you through the process, I can provide these two entities and help develop the durability plan with you.