Is there such a thing as a garbage disposal to compost system?


Is there such a thing as a garbage disposal to compost system?

Asked by Jeanette Ward

For over 30 years, my family has talked about the need for a system that would route garbage disposal waste to a compost bin/composter. If there is anything like that out there, I sure would like to know how to find out about it, and if there isn't, there should be. :)

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There are no special systems other then pre-existing garbage chute systems for apartment buildings. These are duct systems much like a home heating system only with spring loaded doors. The following site has a ton of info on chute sizes, chute doors, and some of the History behind these systems: We have resisted this in our house out of concern for odors and there are other concerns as well: "I personally wouldn't do it. Even if you could find a suitable hatch, you'd need a good way to clean it out regularly. When I lived in an apartment complex with a hatch, it was foul; it was bad enough that they'd spray for bugs every 3-4 months, and in the process, drive the bugs into other apartments (and mine was right next to the chute ... so make sure, when renting an apartment, take that into consideration). I'd be afraid that if the chute went straight outside, that bugs would eventually use the route to come up into your home, particularly of any food trimmings were to smear themselves on the chute or hatch." For more concerns and the site source for this quote: What we currently do and what we recommend to all our clients is to have a small metal bucket (Holds maybe a liter in volume) for compostables that we walk out to the composter when it is full. Here is a link to a variety of these: My in-laws have used one of these successfully for a decade now with now smell as long as they are emptied every few days. The only chute system I would consider at this point given the concerns would be an exterior chute system that can be accessed from a window. I think this would mar the over all appearance of the home however. Bottom line, the compost needs to be turned every week or two anyway so why not stick with taking the compost out to the bin?