Is there formaldehyde in roofing materials?


Is there formaldehyde in roofing materials?

Asked by annette littman

our roofing project has been going on for several months. My nose hasn't stopped running, my husband is always clearing his throat and our two dogs are affected. is there a chemical that could be causing all this irritation?

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Sean Lintow Sr's picture

Yes there is formaldehyde in certain roofing products. To find out if it is in yours you should get the MSDSfrom the manufacturer. (While your roofer should have them, it is very rare that they would.)

With that I doubt your issue is actually the roofing material but rather what happened while they were roofing. While pounding away, stripping the old materials off, etc... they probably disturbed a lot of dust and other materials in your attic which could have easily found its way into your living space through the ducts, cracks, etc...