Is there a tax incentive in Florida for using LEED?


Is there a tax incentive in Florida for using LEED?

Asked by Betty Kapla

We have a new-home client who is asking if there are incentives in Florida (particularly Captiva Island).

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Rob Smith, LEED AP H's picture

Hi Betty,

There probably aren't any LEED-specific tax incentives, but there may be some more broad "green building" incentives.

  • I typically reference the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) for a listing of some incentives. Here's a link to their Florida directory.
  • You should also check with your electric utility and local building department to see if they have any green building incentives.

Remember that your biggest paybacks for a LEED home may not be quantifiable. The value of improved air quality, durability, lower utility bills, etc., all are hard to quantify.

For more information:

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