Is there a product to seal carpet, preventing VOC emissions?


Is there a product to seal carpet, preventing VOC emissions?

Asked by Nancy Ney

Mother in law getting new carpet in apartment. Very allergic to VOCs.

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Yes, AFM SafeCoat makes a three-part SafeChoice carpet shampoo, sealer and lock out system to clean, seal and repel dirt and stains, while sealing in harmful toxins typically found in carpets.

  • The first step is AFM Carpet Shampoo which removes residues such as stain guards, insect repellents or fire retardants.
  • Following this step, AFM Carpet Seal is used to block off-gassing of irritating chemicals found in the backing.
  • The third and final step, AFM Lock Out, is designed to seal in toxic odors found in carpet fibers and help repel dirt and stains.

Do-it-yourself system

This is a DIY system that is inexpensive and works on almost any carpet except for wool or velour type carpets.

  • All three products are virtually odorless and cover about 250 SF of carpeting.
  • It takes about 2 days to complete all three steps.
  • Always test in a small inconspicuous area before application to the entire surface.
  • Usually one application is needed for most carpets but two applications may be needed to contain stronger odors.

We have had very good success with this product over the last 15 years and those with chemical sensitivities have found it tolerable.