Is there a non-toxic product I can use to reglaze kitchen and bathroom tile?


Is there a non-toxic product I can use to reglaze kitchen and bathroom tile?

Asked by Judy

Recently on TV I saw someone show kitchen and bathroom tile that had been reglazed using a non-toxic product and the process apparently only took three hours. Is this something the homeowner can do, or is this a job for a professional?

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Molly McCabe, AKBD, CGP, CAPS's picture

Dear Judy,

I would not recommend tile reglazing as a DIY project asa general rule.

  • Good results take time and experience.
  • However given your locale,it may be a bit expensive to have someone come from the mainland to performthis service.

Searching for a non-toxic reglazing product

Iwas unsuccessful in locating any credible low VOC tile reglazing products.

Therewas one company that claimed their product was low voc but when I looked forthe MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on their website I was instructed to e-mailmy request for an MSDS sheet which I did but did not receive a response.

  • Further, I have contacted a variety of trades people in my network including a tilemason, tile retailers, a tile cleaner and a national paint company representativethat sells a reglazing product for tile.
  • No one has heard of a product that fits thedescription you have provided.

Professional installers use hazmat suits!

If you read the directions for standard reglazing products they contain severe
warnings about use
and application of the product.

Further, if you watch videoclips of "home makeovers" featuring tub/tile refinishing, you will likely see thetrade professional in a hazmat suit with special fans and exhaust tubing suckingthe fumes out of the house during the application and curing of the period.

Durability after re-glazing?

If you choose to have the tile professionally refinished (reglazed is something
of a misnomer as glazing requires high heat from the kiln)

  • you will probablywant book a room for the night at the local B&B and
  • you will not be able to usetraditional cleaners once the tile has been reglazed, as experience has shownthe finish is not as durable.

The original glaze on the tile gets its durability fromthe high heat in the kiln where the glaze is baked onto the tile) and may scratcheasily.

Good luck with your project.