Is there a dimmer that works with LED bulbs?


Is there a dimmer that works with LED bulbs?

Asked by Steve Kawell

Purchased LED bulbs from Home Depot, packaging states them to be dimmable. Electrician hooks up dimmer and LED's strobe at low levels. Home owner had us pull all LED's out and replace with incandecent bulbs that work fine when dimmed. $300.00 worth of LED bulbs sitting in closet not being used. There must be a dimmer that works with LED bulbs

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Hi Steve,

LEDs only dim to about 80% (depending on manufacturer). That is one of the issues with LEDs.

In our Architectural firm we have put in 90% LEDs (100% of our can lights are LEDs) in all of our homes for the last 4 years. We love them. Clients love them. They are fantastic light.

But the two things we have learned about LEDs are:

  1. you can make spaces too bright with LEDs - you need to put fewer cans in than you would think intuitively. And,
  2. you just have to let everyone know that they do not dim all of the way down to dark.

Our electrician uses pretty standard dimmers on them and there is not a problem. They dim to a point and that is it - no strobing - so not sure why you are getting that. Maybe an electrician can chime in here!

All of that said, there are dimmers made for LED lights. - just google. Some say they dim all of the way but for the lights that you are using- general lighting LEDs - we have not found that to be true. They are working on it but they don't yet have completely dimmable LEDs available easily to the general public for general lighting use quite yet- as far as I know.