Is the Kraft paper put under a non floating hardwood floor toxic? Are there alternatives?


Is the Kraft paper put under a non floating hardwood floor toxic? Are there alternatives?

Asked by randi

We are installing a hardwood floor on top of plywood. Our subfloor stays somewhat damp but has a visquine vapor barrier. I am looking for the best/non toxic product to use as a moisture barrier between the sub-floor and the hardwood as well as an adhesive.

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Yes, there are alternatives to the traditional paper application-products that are both an adhesive & moisture barrier.

  • There is a green product made by MaxWindsor called "Total Max (Green) One-Step Solution Urethane Adhesive and Concrete Moisture Sealer" which has instructions of application to plywood .
  • This product has a LOW to zero VOC and it is solvent free which would address your issue of toxicity.
  • With headquarters in California; it is also CA Prop 65 compliant (ref. label on the 5 GAL. pail) and, also, USGBC LEED qualified.
  • It has crack suppressant & GREAT bonding properties, contains no water, which are comforting qualities for high traffic areas after installation.

We have used it in the past even for hard surface applications (quartz, onyx, decorative surfaces, etc)in backsplashes and murals.

Upon installation, make sure your installer reads the back of the pail and the attached manufacturer's PDF for installation instructions with your plywood.

  • The PDF gives installation instructions and product calculations for quantity.
  • REMEMBER, curing time and humidity (if applicable in your area) moreso than outside tempature when applying any adhesive product are paramount considerations!

By the By, you will be pleased with this product!

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