Is it possible to refinish my engineered hardwood floors?


Is it possible to refinish my engineered hardwood floors?

Asked by Sue Farmer

Engineered floors are in my kitchen.

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Harold Remlinger, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB's picture


Refinishing your engineered floor is a possibility.

However it depends on the amount of sanding required to achieve a smooth surface prior to applying the finish. If your floors are worn and have deep scratches and goudges, they might need to be sanded. This process can remove up to 1/8" of material.

  • With an engineered floor, this method could possibly expose the balance material leaving unsightlhy variation in wppd grain and color after the finish is applied.
  • Most engineered floors are 3/8" in thickness and made up of three ply laminated wood.
  • The surface material or hardwood is approximately 1/8" inch in thickness followed by two layers of softer wood.

If you are looking to bring back the luster of the floor, this could be done with a light screening and reapplication of the finish. This method only removes the finish from the wood with minimal reduction in the original thickness.

I would recommend that you contact a local hardwood refinishing company in your area. Usually the initial visit is free and at that time they will direct you as to the best method to achieve the result you are looking for.