Is it better to shut the heat off during the day or keep it at 65 degrees?


Is it better to shut the heat off during the day or keep it at 65 degrees?

Asked by Pat

I have my thermostat on a timer with the temperature during the day at 65 and in the evening when we are home at 69. Is it more efficient to shut off the heat instead of keeping it on but at a lower temperature?

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Like many things in the energy efficiency world, the real answer is it depends.

For example what type of heating system do you have?

  • A radiant floor system will take time to bring the floor and areas back up to temp - is this wait something that you can live with?
  • If you happen to have a heat pump system you could have another issue with the system turning on the emergency heat strip which will kill any savings you might have gained.
  • Another question deals with not only the age of your house, the type, but where do your water lines run?
  • While shutting down the heat should not matter in most cases, there are times that the only reason they don't freeze is because of the heat from the house

As a rule of thumb though, in many cases you probably will save some money.

I am assuming your timer is a programmable thermostat, if not may I suggest you get one or maybe even try a NEST system that will learn your patterns and possibly save you even more money.

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