Is an Energy Audit really worth it?


Is an Energy Audit really worth it?

Asked by Thomas Bangalter

What can I expect to get out of this? Will I be up sold on things I do not need? Is there incentives to get this for free. I feel like it is like a free brake check on my car, just a scam to get me in to be sold other stuff. AM I wrong?

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My general feeling on this is yes, if you get a truly independent unbiased auditor.

  • Look for someone that is BPI certified (Building Performance Institute) and performs an audit to that level/standard.
  • They should not be giving you product recommendations but identifying problems and offering generic solutions to fix those problems.

We do energy auditing as part of our comprehensive green design, build, product services but I alway hire an independent auditor that is BPI certified.

The recommendations will likely identify a laundry list of potential opportunities to reduce energy costs. It should include an estimate of expense, savings, and payback if it is a good audit.

There are good and bad consultants out there so be careful to screen their credentials and ask for samples of other audits they've done and references to call.

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