I'm looking for the safest hardwood floor for a baby nursery. Solid wood?


I'm looking for the safest hardwood floor for a baby nursery. Solid wood?

Asked by kelly

Is OSMO finish the safest out there? Or is aluminum oxide? Please help. This is for a baby nursery and need flooring for two rooms. have done a lot of research... learning towards eco timber osmo finished solid wood. healthiest option?

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This question clearly demonstrates how difficult it can be choosing the healthiest option given thespecific requirements.

One would think that an all natural product such as Osmo's would be thehealthiest option, but not for the sensitivities of a newborn.

OSMO Polyox-Oil

This is penetrating sealer made with vegetable oils and waxes.

  • The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) states that the VOC content is
  • The manufacturer recommends using gloves and respirator when installing it and curingtime is 2-3 weeks with constant access to fresh air recommended. As you live in a climatewith high humidity the curing may take even longer.
  • This product also would assume a new wood floor, which would require sanding and sowould introduce dust into the space, something that you would also want to avoid with aninfant.

For these reasons I would not recommend it for an infant's room.

Aluminum Oxide Finished Floor

I would recommend a wood floor with this factory applied finish. This would be the safestsituation for your child.

  • Select a nail down or click together wood floor can be installed without glues, andwithout any on site finishing.
  • These metal oxide finishes are very hard and have up to 25 year warranties for normalwear.

Please see my June 30, 2011 Q&A on factory-finished solid wood floor withaluminum oxide here.