I have a new LEED listing and I need help. I am an EcoBroker in the Los Angeles area.


I have a new LEED listing and I need help. I am an EcoBroker in the Los Angeles area.

Asked by Josh

I am a real estate agent. I need a great & simple way to inform potential buyers who are new to 'Green' and LEED about all of the systems and benefits that exist in this home, without scaring them away with Arcane data and terminology. Is there a quick reference guide out there I can pick and choose from to create my own little guide for them?

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There are many ways to inform consumers of Green, Sustainability, and specifically LEED; however, it depends heavily on the building and the buyer. Depending on LEED-Homes or commercial, the buyer is interested in different benefits and used to different terminology.

Since LEED is the specific need, they offer many resources.

However, I will give you my personal quick elevator pitch.

  • LEED certified buildings are verified above code, sustainable buildings.
  • By being more energy efficient, water efficient, health conscience, durable, site responsive, resource & waste responsible and reduce overall environmental impacts.

The main Green Categories are Site, Energy, Water, Health, Resources/ Waste, Durability, and Innovation. Each project chooses which Green Categories to perform better in, so each building is stronger in some areas than others.

Verified means extended reviews, inspections, and tests are conducted to ensure expected performance. In the case of LEED-Homes, an actual 3rd Party Verifier will review construction documents, complete inspections, and conduct performance tests.

The bottom line is what most any buyer is interested in; therefore, it is very important that they understand:

  • Four of the 6 Green Categories always offer excellent Returns on Investment: Energy, Water, Resources/Waste, and Durability.
  • Site, Health, and Innovation benefits are much harder to measure but can provide even larger returns, such as 30% reduction in sick work days in an office building or 20% better test scores in schools.

Furthermore, the average Green Building only costs 2-4% more to build than it's comparable.

If your buyer is interested in energy savings then those are the features you definitely show them. If your buyer just had a new baby, you might want to show them the health features.

For more information:

Read "What are some of the health benefits of building green?" a Q&A answered by David Edwards.