I am looking for eco-friendly furniture, in the midwest.


I am looking for eco-friendly furniture, in the midwest.

Asked by g heitsch

I'm specifically looking for a twin bed frame with drawers under. I found suppliers from Boston and CA, looking a bit more local?

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Hello, and congratulations on trying to be both eco friendly and local in your furniture purchases.

One tool to use in your search for local, eco friendly furniture is the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) web site.

  • FSC is an independent certifier of sustainable wood products.
  • When you buy something make of FSC wood, you know that you are creating a financial benefit to businesses that practice stringent sustainable forestry practices.
  • They have a section of their web site (here) where you can search for businesses that use FSC products, sorted by state. Unfortunately, the last 4 years have been difficult on the small local furniture manufacturers, and many have gone out of business.

Also, there is an industry trade group that is working to create a more sustainable furnishing industry. It is called the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

  • Most of its members sell their products nationally.
  • But you can look to see if any local manufacturers are members of this group.

Ask a local manufacturer to build green

If you know of a local furniture manufacturer, who makes their products locally, ask about their wood sourcing.I personally like Harden Furniture, even though they do not work with FSC wood, because they maintain their own wood lots as the source for their furniture products.

  • Perhaps you could ask your local furniture makers where they get the wood they use.
  • More and more furniture makers are aware or environmental concerns.

Work with a local woodworker

Any local woodworker can source FSC wood, using the wood products section of the FSC web site.

My local cabinet maker has made custom furniture pieces for me, and if you specify that they should use formaldehyde free boards and FSC certified veneer, you have a very green product that is extremely local.

Good luck finding just the right storage bed for your home.

Thanks for your question.

Kirsten Flynn

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