I am looking for carpet and pad that is as "safe" as possible.


I am looking for carpet and pad that is as "safe" as possible.

Asked by celia evans

Immune system in a small child aggravated and needs safe flooring/carpet. House has concrete heated floors, child is recovering from neuro injury and needs to relearn many things safely. Would like to be as cost effective as possible.

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While carpets are comfortable and soft, most are made of synthetic fibers and can out-gas a lot of harmful chemicals. There are certainly better and worse options.

  • For example, wool would be a relatively healthy choice.
  • But, all carpets have the same problem in that they accumulate dust, so constant maintenance is necessary.

If you are not attached to installing a carpet, I would suggest considering a cork or rubber floor, which is relatively soft and probably much safer in terms of air quality.

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