How / where do I find a HERS Auditor?


How / where do I find a HERS Auditor?

Asked by Ron Nixon

I am getting a VA IRRRl refi-Loan. The bank (Chase) needs a 3rd party HERS Audit so they see it saves $$ I am adding about$4500 to the loan

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Sean Lintow Sr's picture

There are approximately 2,500 energy auditorsand raters across the U.S listed in GreenHomeGuide's Find a Pro section.

And here are some other good ways:

1) you can simply Google the words HERS Rater and the name of your location;

2) check out this ENERGY STAR page --- select your state & then select Find a Rater

3) you can go to RESNET's site and select your state or zip code The only catch with #3 is that only includes raters willing to pay to be listed on their site which based on web traffic makes many of us think twice about going that route.